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Kickoff (I)

We are getting ready for our leap towards public releases. What we expect to have just after Christmas is:

  • Our open-source multiplatform middleware, along with the binaries for Windows, Mac, Unix/Linux and others such as PSP or Symbian S60; the documentation in Doxygen and the source code
  • A developer portal in Track for the maintenance and improvement of the middleware
  • A limited version of our framework interface available on the Web.
  • Our corporative web, replacing the dull "visit our blog"

We are working hard in the middleware for this "kickoff". We are migrating it to as many platforms as possible, and working hard on the documentation, in and out of the code. Our goal is to get the grid community enrolled in this project.

Borja pointed out that there was not enough talking about how grid standards are being implemented in our middleware. In fact, the first release will not implement the standards, but we have specified, designed and implemented having OGSA and WSRF in mind. The papers about them have always occupied a main place in our desks. Therefore, we have planned to implement the wrapper – that will give the middleware support for the standards – before February 2007.

Last but not least, in this our first kickoff preview, here are the technological specifications of the middleware:

  • Written in ISO C++
  • Size of the binaries: varies, aprox. 400-500kb in Unix/Linux x86 – aprox. 55kb in PSP 1.5
  • Four resource classes fully available in this release: shared memory, disk storage, process execution, MySQL database (their availability depends on the platform)
  • Installation wizard for Windows, Preference Pane for Mac, configure + make scripts for Unix/Linux

In the next kickoff preview, we’ll talk about the inner design of the middleware. Stay tuned.

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