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Hello Flex, bye bye Ajax

Yesterday, Angel and Miguel, creators of the development Flex framework called Guasax visited Think in grid. After a visit to CitiLab and greet people of iWeekend, we started to talk about Flex and how to apply it in our Grid Portal.

One point for Diego, who started to defend it a few months ago. Flex it’s a very good RIA solution, maybe the best. Angel and Miguel solved our questions and my concerns:

1º I don’t want to use another technology if I can solve it with Ajax, gwt or other java solutions. Flex surpass the probe. It’s easy to learn, and the most important thing, it’s very easy to integrate with a Java architecture (I am thinking in Spring + hibernate). And the development time is shorter than a RIA application using Ajax. The result, no color, flex wins.

2º The performance. Our web application have on-line chart pages, Many nodes to manage, etc. This page answered our concerns.

3º How much does it cost? Flex is open source. The development IDE (Standalone or eclipse plugin) is unexpensive. Maybe the bad news are that some interesting solutions (data management module) are expensive when the application is stored on a production environment. But we can avoid this module using our own solutions.

4º No limits. Easy development for rich interfaces with usability and design. All in one.

Thanks to Angel and Miguel, now we will start to work and «think in flex».

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