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“What are all those guys doing down there at 2 a.m.?”

That is what our neighbors wonder about. Here is the answer:

Think in grid was founded in early 2006. We are a group of heterogeneous people located in Barcelona. Young people with fresh ideas and a breakthrough technology that will offer an interesting range of solutions in a few time.

We have developed the first multiplatform multidevice Grid application, which is also as light as 300Kb. We are also in the final steps of developing a framework, which easily allows programmers to develop services that work with it.

To sum up, we have a system that distributes not only processing capacity of the devices involved, but also storage and accessibility to any kind of resource within these devices.

As a friend would do, all the devices in a network work together to provide a service to one or more than one members of this network.

All that stuff is how we do things. Right now we are working in the following fields:

1. Embedded devices: Wherever you are, whatever you need. Your mobile device is no longer a mobile device, but all you want wherever and whenever you want it. Because resources are virtualized, you only need to develop applications once. Take advantage of other devices available to develop application you never imagined. It is not a matter of having all your data, information and files with you, but to be able to access to it, and that is what we do.

2. Streaming: due to the high processing capacity and interoperability that our technology provides, audio and video streaming can be delivered to a huge range of computers and devices, including mobile phones, PSPs and s.o.

3. Massive distributed computing capacity: do you guess which is the less optimized resource in your company? Computers! Only 8 hours working at, let’s say, 10% of what they are capable of? We take advantage of this valuable resource to save you costs while you are processing huge amounts of data you never thought you are capable of. It is not only that it reduces costs, but also allows you to obtain valuable and differentiable information from the data you already have, something that will give you a clear competitive advantage. IBM makes you buy mainframes? Never more!

4. Virtual Organizations and Social Networks.
You should have people and objectives; we deliver the resources and infrastructure needed. Build “all to all” connections, forget about complex networks and extremely pricy solutions.

We are also working in other interesting stuff such as sharing PSP saved games or creating a world community of processing & storage.

Want to know more? Keep visiting us. More and more things are on the way : )

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  1. This is probably your smarter post ever.


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